The more you practice this, the more magical your life gets.

     My client was at Burning Man, the amazing week-long cultural event held in the Nevada desert every year. She was alone, riding her bicycle out on the hot, dry playa and saw a wooden structure that someone had built for the occasion. She climbed up to top of the structure and sat to meditate. She was really thirsty, and said to herself, "Gosh, I'd really like some coconut water." Not just water, mind you - she wanted coconut water! (In astrology we call that having the Moon in Leo! But I digress.)

     A short while later she heard someone climbing up to the platform where she sat. A man appeared, holding a coconut and a hammer. He said to her, "Hi! Would you like some coconut water? I have this coconut, but I don't care for the water, I only like the meat."  !!!!!


Finding money isn’t about looking for money. It’s about knowing that when you deliberately choose to feel good, the Universe will surprise and delight you.   


      Each week we start out our positive life classes with “good news” stories from the group. Well, in April I shared a story with the class about going to San Francisco with my friend Kari. It was a gorgeous day, and while we were walking around she spotted a $20 bill on the sidewalk! How fun is that? (We celebrated with a yummy lunch at Burma Superstar). 

     At the next week’s class, Pete told us that he had gone for a walk in his neighborhood the day before and found a $20 bill on the ground! Law of Attraction in action! What was even more delightful was that he enjoyed the whole experience so much that he decided to leave the money for someone else to find. Very cool, don’t you think?

     Then, a few weeks later, Sue comes to class with another story about finding a $20 bill! This was really getting interesting. The possibility of finding $20 had become contagious. But wait – there’s more! A week ago, Parisa, who’s new to the class and hadn’t heard these stories, emailed me about finding $20 in a parking lot!


 Here’s a simple story to illustrate that the universe can orchestrate anything, if we just let go and get out of the way. 

     A few weeks ago I decided that I needed a change of pace from spending so much time at home in my office. I finally got it together in the late afternoon and eagerly drove to my favorite spot - West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, where there’s a lovely bike/walking path overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

     On the way there I thought about calling my friends Belinda and John, who live in Santa Cruz. It would be great to see them, since I hadn’t been over the hill to Santa Cruz since last year. But when I parked I realized that my phone battery was about to die and I wanted to use it to send a photo of the surfer statue to my friend in northern Michigan (where it was snowing!)  Oh, well, it’s ok, I thought. I’m not going to worry about it. Whatever happens is perfect.

     I got out of the car, walked over to the statue, took the photo and sent it off.  I’d gone about ten feet along the path when I heard my name. “Mary, Mary!” It was Belinda and John, driving by in their car. “We haven’t been over in this part of town in months,” they said. “We were just talking about you.”


The universe can bring you what you want, in ways that you never even imagined - like finding a new friend without leaving your house!

     My stepmom, who is 86 and an avid student of the law of Attraction, moved to Grants Pass, Oregon two years ago to live with her much younger sister after my dad died. She wanted to make some friends her own age but hadn't had much success. Well, her daughter Cathy called her frequently from California and somehow kept dialing the same wrong number. Finally she and the woman at the wrong number got to chatting.

     It turns out that this woman, who is 87, had just moved to Grants Pass and was looking to make some new friends. Cathy encouraged her to give her mom a call and the two of them connected and have struck up a wonderful friendship.



When you practice this enough, you find angels everywhere.


     One of my students recently found herself short $100 on her rent, which was due in four days. Seeing no solution, all she could think of was winning the lottery (haven't we all?)  

     But you can't attract abundance from a feeling of desperation, so, being a student of the universal Law of Attraction, she softened her thinking to, "I could sure use some more money!" This thought simply felt better to her, plus it was less specific and more open-ended.

     Two days later she received an envelope in the mail containing five $20 bills!  It was from a stranger who, several days prior, had stopped on the side of the road to help her change a flat tire. The note simply said, "I thought you could use this money."


     On December 21, 2012, after more than 25,000 years, planet Earth reached a tipping point where the mass consciousness is now (finally!) slightly more positive than negative – and getting more positive every day. One of the other effects of this huge shift in consciousness is that there are more synchronicities – or what you might call “happy accidents” (even though there are no accidents) happening all the time.

      I was in the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, coming home to California from a seminar in Asheville.  I’d put it out to the Universe that I wanted to have a wonderful trip home. When I arrived at the gate to board my plane to San Francisco, I was surprised and delighted to see my friends Linda and Mike, who were on their way home after a week in South Carolina. What a treat! And to make the whole experience even more magical - I’m not kidding - their seats were right next to mine.

     Life just doesn’t get better than that.


      I have lots and lots of stories from years of coaching and teaching.  Here are a few that I think you'll enjoy.  - Mary