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Coaching . . . 

    “Mary is an extraordinary coach who has changed my professional and personal life.  I started working with her to deal with some challenges at work and have used her professionally for nearly two years.  Through her questions and suggestions, the situation has turned around completely.  I then started using Mary to help me work through some personal and family issues, and again, the results have been transformative.  Mary is always right there - engaged, a fabulous listener and helpful with concrete and useful suggestions.  She is never intrusive or directive.  The best coach I have used and I have worked with many coaches and consultants in the past.  I recommend her as the best.” – R.W.

    “Mary's awesome!  She always helps me figure out what I no longer need in my life so that I can shed it.  She also helps me determine what I desire next in my life so that I can move forward towards it.  Mary has helped me figure out how to taste and enjoy the deliciousness of life.  I ALWAYS feel better and more hopeful after a session with Mary!” – L.T.

    “Mary is a fabulous coach. She is supportive and encouraging and has great tools to improve one's attitude and outlook. Her promise to "Have A Better Day" proliferates into "Have A Better Life". Her positive and upbeat attitude is infectious and her genuine desire to see her clients improve their lives and relationships is wonderful. I always feel better after a session with Mary and love having her as my coach.´ – T.G.

    “I have been using Mary Ursettie as my coach for the past several years.  The first time I went to see Mary it was to help me with adjusting to moving here from across the country.  Mary always helps me to put things in perspective.  She teaches the "Law of Attraction" to help you achieve your goals, whether they are personal, financial or professional.  I enjoy her positive outlook and sound advice.  If you have been thinking about a personal coach I highly recommend her.” - R.Y.

    “Mary is an inspiring coach!  She guides you to get clear on what you want and shows you how to use tools to get there.  I have been using Mary as a professional coach for the past 3 years and would highly recommend her for anyone looking for more success & happiness in any facet of life.” – R.G.


    “OK, I didn’t really believe you when you said my life could change in 30 days. This Law of Attraction stuff is incredible! A month later, I have my dream job, found a great place to live in my favorite neighborhood, am actually looking forward to exercising and my attitude towards my family is shifting. Oh, and I got engaged! I can hardly wait to see what happens next!” – S.T.


    “After seeing Mary for several session of coaching, my business – which I was thinking of closing - has completely turned around. It’s unbelievable. I’ve attracted a wonderful new staff and my life is so different now. Mary has helped me change my thinking and uplift my spirit. She is an amazing person. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in a similar situation – unhappy, frustrated and doesn’t know what to do.” – J.D.


     “Over the past year I’ve had regular coaching with Mary and it has changed my life! Because of her, I’ve been able to improve all areas of my life. I’ve excelled at work, making more money than I ever have. Mary was even able to coach me, victoriously, through a difficult lawsuit. In my personal life she’s helped me nurture a wonderful relationship with my son, making both of our lives better. And thanks to her help, I’ve attracted exceptional people and events into my life that I never dreamed possible. I am so thankful to have found Mary. She has changed my life profoundly. I urge everyone to try her services. It will be the best decision of your life!” – T. S.


    “Since I started studying the Law of Attraction, I have far fewer sleepless nights, I worry far less, our income has increased, I’m realizing things that I’ve forgotten I even asked for, I’m more joyful, my family is thriving, I’m getting more done at work and having more fun, I’ve taken a leap in my creativity, and I have more energy than I’ve ever had. I really appreciate your excellent and incredible coaching. I love learning new, better, and freeing ways to be.” – N.F.


    “Wow! Mary Ursettie isn't joking when she says she gets results. I was having trouble focusing on my business. Mary was able to help me figure out what my obstacles were. She then gave me some simple, effective tools to focus my energy and set clear intentions. The results have been amazing. My business has increased significantly and life is happening with much less effort.” - R.Y.


    “I was raised to always imagine the worst that could happen in any situation. It’s not surprising that my life was full of challenges. One year ago I began working with Mary. Through her teachings and guidance I’ve learned to use the universal Law of Attraction to turn any situation around, no matter how bad it seems. Now I imagine the best that could happen! I’ve created a job that I love, doubled my income, bought a house, improved my relationships with my kids, and have created countless other ‘miracles’ in my life. I never knew life could be this good and I’m told that this is just the beginning. Thank you, Mary!” – L.M.


    “Thanks to all your hard work, it will be a very merry Christmas for me for the first time in years! Things are going great at work, my family is getting along better, I don’t worry about my son any more, I get along better with my relatives and I’m positive most of the time instead of being depressed. I’m so much happier now and I’m seeing things unfolding for me that I couldn’t have imagined before.” – D.S.


    “I would recommend anyone who is not getting what they want out of their life to definitely talk to Mary. By learning how to shift my thoughts, my life has taken a 180 degree turn. I feel that I have the power to be or do anything I want. The future is a fun game now. Mary has done some amazing work with me and I would recommend her to anyone who is complaining about where they are financially, their relationships, or just life in general.” - S.B.


    “After our session I put your suggestions to work. Today was my meeting with my staff of twenty-four to brainstorm the solutions to the challenges facing our organization. The results were phenomenal. It was an unbelievable meeting compared with the way this group usually interacts with both each other and with me. I really appreciate your help.” – D.D.


     “Using the powerful Law of Attraction tools that Mary taught me, I experienced significant improvement in an important family relationship that I’d all but given up on! Mary is a brilliant, highly humorous interpreter of the Law of Attraction with superb listening and synthesizing skills.” – B.K.


    “You’ve changed my life. Now that I know about the Law of Attraction, when I don’t know what to do, I know what to do. Does that make sense? I’m able to get things done when I don’t know how to do them. This is so much fun. I’m so glad I have you in my life.” – P.P.


    “Thank you for all the valuable, insightful mentoring you have done all year long. Your multi-facetedness and ocean-deep intuition make you most special among counselors.” – N.W.


    “We (the business owners) were in a very difficult place personally and professionally. Your session with us helped to bring rationality, more calm, and a common point of focus to a situation that could have become very heated. You helped us clarify what was really important to us personally and that allowed us to get unstuck as a group. As a result of the clarity we all received we have individually and collectively moved forward and new opportunities have started to show up for us. The future looks much brighter! Thank you again.” – S.B.



Classes and workshops . . .


"Yippee!!! - Sandi Z.

    "If you haven't yet experienced Mary Ursettie's Law of Attraction classes, try one--it's a fabulous way to start your Wednesdays (or any other day, for that matter)! Mary makes the Law of Attraction so accessible with her down-to-earth manner and real-life examples. You'll meet other like-minded individuals and feel a shift in you Happiness Quotient!" - Carol S.

    "Mary's Law of Attraction classes are perfect for those without a lot of time and just want to be reminded of the power of positive thinking and outlook on life. Sometimes we all get caught up in the day to day tasks on hand and need to be reminded there is a different and positive way to look at the challenges we face. I've enjoyed her recent classes and even brought some friends. Highly recommended." - Beth W.


     "The Law of Attraction makes so much sense, but we frequently get sidetracked from making it a part of our daily lives. A weekly class with Mary helps me stay on track.... and it feels SO good!" - Debbie W.


    “I love Mary’s classes! She helps you to open your mind, relax, and allow good things to happen to you. The techniques she is teaching are simple to use and extremely useful. You’ll be amazed to learn that not only they work, but you become a different person – happier, more confident, and with a very positive outlook on life. Thank you, Mary!” - N.G.


    “Mary showed me how to sidestep out of the repetitive thought patterns that kept me from realizing my full potential as a husband, a businessman and a person.” - Marty G.


    “Mary's class is a great way to start the day feeling focused and connected to who I am. There’s always something new and refreshing to talk about and fun and like-minded people to interact with. By staying tuned in to these teachings, more aspects of my life are changing in a positive way and things I want are coming to fruition without any effort on my part. It's very exciting!” - Debbie S.

    “Thanks for your workshop. I now have a sense of hopefulness that life in the office will be more harmonious and that how I react to situations and people can contribute to that harmony. This was really good information!”  - V.F.


    “Great group! Great teacher. Well-organized. Good use of time. Comfortable atmosphere. Left feeling up, up, up!” – C.D.


    “I liked the nice, clear activities to elevate my mood and energy and improve my life experiences. I really enjoyed the workshop.” K.F.


    “To tell you the truth, I was really skeptical about this workshop and only came as a favor to a friend. I got so much out of it that I want to have you come in and present it not only to my department, but to the whole company!” – R.T.


    “After attending your workshop on using the Law of Attraction in relationships, I had a breakthrough with my boss and things at work have completely changed.” L.B.


    “What I learned in Mary’s classes has changed my entire way of being. I’m no longer complaining about my job. Instead, I’ve created a new job doing work that I really like. I’m more positive, more optimistic, I’m focused on where I want to go and I know that the bad stuff is just temporary. I feel so much better because of it!" – D.W.


    “I LOVE this stuff! I’d read about the Law of Attraction but until this class I really didn’t get what they were talking about. Now I’m teaching these tools to my daughter and lot of good stories to share.” – M.R.


    “Thanks again for a great workshop. Just attending made me feel more upbeat than I had all week! I use the tools on a daily basis – it just makes the days go smoother and on a ‘lighter’ note.” - D.C.


    “The techniques you taught us were extremely useful. I feel like I have more control over my life now.” – P.G.


    “I found the workshop informative and uplifting. I like learning something so simple that will be of help in everyday life. I plan to use these tools every day.” – P.R.



Astrology readings . . .


    “I went to Mary in the hopes that she would tell me I'm not meant to be a writer because I was working on my first novel and it was really hard. I left my first session super charged! Now I have written two novels and am well into a third and I'm feeling totally fulfilled and overjoyed with my life. Mary provides incredible cosmic perspective that reaches right into every corner of your life and it's all positive, all affirming, all of it intended to remind you of who you really are: a powerful creator.” – N.F.


    “I was really blown away by my reading! I’ve never had one before and I can’t imagine how you could have been more on target. It’s scary (and a total relief) how you tune into our truest self. I really enjoyed my time with you. I came away with a much-needed sense of calm and focus and it’s been easier for me to have a positive outlook on my situation.” – D.J.


    “My reading with Mary was lovely and right on. I’ve had lots of readings over the years and the way she uses language and incorporates the Abraham teachings make her readings very powerful, fresh, and different. She’s skilled, with grace and intelligent fun added in. Aside from her clarity, truly when she says it’s her second language, she’s not kidding. Mary, you are wonderful and we appreciate you so much!” - H.A.


    “Thanks for the reading for my sister -- boy, have you made a believer out of a skeptic! She felt your observations about her character were right on. You know, for me, one of the greatest values of astrology is that by exploring your given nature, it gives you to a sort of "permission" to be yourself. What I say to myself is, "Oh, yes, I recognize that and I suppose I'd better accept it and work with it rather than feeling bad, denying and ignoring it." I think that your reading has increased her happiness already.” – S.S.


    “A thousand thanks for such a wonderful reading, especially right now, when everything’s so unsettled in my life. Hearing your tape uplifts my spirits and gives me guidance. For some reason, I’m not so frightened about the ‘unknown’, if you know what I mean.” – P.V.


    “I’m never speechless and when I was leaving you I was dumbfounded. I was just so blown away by the reading and you and what you had to say and offer. I want to thank you again for what you did for me.” – L.P.


    “Thanks for a great reading. I appreciate all the new things I gather from you. The reading has given me some added courage and also seemed to ignite the energy needed for me to see how important it is to let go and move on. Your insights and support have been invaluable.” – C.W.


    “Mary’s astrological session for me was the most exceptionally intuitive of all that I have ever received or witnessed. She knew profound and meaningful things about me and my greater life purpose, and she absolutely amazed me.” - M.S.


    “Let me begin by thanking you for a great session the other day. You have such a gentle, supportive manner about you. The interesting thing is that you didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know about myself. You did give me information that let me understand myself. I found that to be very powerful, and it gave me a real feeling of peace. Thanks again.”  - J.L.


    “I simply had to thank you again for bringing clarity and understanding to this oh so difficult and odd time in my life. It was a wonderful reading!” – P.P.


    “I had a most wonderful reading with Mary of my personal astrology chart and I have to tell you, she is amazing! She has given me the best reading I have ever had. It was absolutely enlightening, overwhelming, and done with so much love and with her Abraham background, it was outstanding. I definitely got the most wonderful ideas from it and a lot of food for thought. A whole new world of manifestations and happy ideas came up and I am definitely shaping and tweaking them into great results.”  - L.A.


    “More than anything else I did for myself, it was your astrology readings that helped me through my divorce and everything after. You’re a treasure.” L.D.


   “Thank you so much for everything. I really feel I have a different, happier outlook on my future. You’ve helped me understand myself and realize I am fabulous just being me. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and look forward to more.” C.B.


    “By the way, thanks so much for saying that having Uranus in the third house means that you will always be different from your neighbors. Those words of wisdom have made a huge difference for me. I no longer try to fit in. It saves me a lot of energy and it feels great to just be the different one.” – L.T.



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